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The steps in our building process are intended to be fair and honest, giving you, our clients, the confidence that your project is in capable hands from start to finish… and beyond.

Step 1 – Introduction and Consultation
Goh Constructions will consult with you on your ideas or brief on your plans.

Step 2 – Preliminary Agreement
If a client does not already have approved plans and approvals ready for construction, a preliminary agreement is drafted. Under this agreement, Goh Constructions will act on our clients behalf through consultation and co-ordination of suitable Architects, Draftsmen, Town Planners, Engineers, Surveyors, Interior Designers, Certifiers etc. This also includes any other service on the standard Housing Industry Association (HIA) document that you may require. The cost of this service represents a small percentage of the overall construction cost to the client.

Step 3 – Building Contract
Goh Constructions use HIA contracts and documents in all our projects as these are easy to understand, fair for all parties involved and recognised by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC). HIA contracts are available for ‘cost plus’ or ‘fixed price’ contracts.

A ‘cost plus’ contract is highly recommended due to the flexibility it allows the client during the construction process. As the name suggests, with a ‘cost plus’ contract the client pays the actual cost of the building work plus a builders margin. This process allows for complete transparency where all costs are disclosed throughout the building process, allowing the client to keep on top of their budget. Progress payments are made fortnightly facilitating a positive cash flow to pay subcontractors and suppliers, which in turn leads to a smoother building process. The builders margin will vary depending on job size, complexity and overhead costs of the project.

A ‘cost plus’ contract also enables the client to take advantage of Goh Constructions trade discount, meaning actual costs plus the margin can often be less than retail price. This type of contract is particularly suitable for renovations or complex jobs where parts of the construction that are unknown or unique can often be inaccurate to estimate in a ‘fixed price’ contract.

If using a ‘fixed price’ contract, once plans have been finalised (either by the client or via the above preliminary process), a Quantity Surveyor is used to produce a full Bill of Quantities and Cost Summary.

Step 4 – Construction
During the whole construction process, your project will be overseen by the builder (Goh Constructions) to ensure everything runs smoothly and no corners are cut. Whilst the project is ‘under construction’ the builder is solely responsible and has full control over the building site. Due to Workplace Health and Safety regulations, site access by clients is by arrangement with the builder.

Step 5 – Handover
Once your project is completely finished and is ready for handover, we will walk you through everything to make sure you are totally satisfied.

We guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

This is the moment your dream is realised but our service does not have to end here. We will continue to be available for whatever you need and look forward to developing our relationship further.

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