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Do I need to get building approval for my project?

Most jobs requiring a substantial amount of work will be deemed as ‘building work’ and will require approved plans. This can be easily determined by consulting a building certifier. There are many disadvantages associated with unapproved building work such as occupant safety, problems arising when selling the property and design faults, not to mention possible fines and costly rectification work. Builders willing to take on unapproved jobs are often unqualified and unlicensed which will leave the client with no warranty or back-up and often shonky workmanship.

Goh Constructions is QBSA licensed, appropriately insured and follows building rules and regulations.

What’s the difference between you and a project builder?

We are not a project builder and do not have set plans and set prices. Every one of our projects is unique to our clients’ needs. As a small builder the benefit to you is:

•   You are dealing direct with the builder and not a supervisor or sales person. Your phone calls will be answered or returned by the builder himself who will always be available and is willing to assist at all times

•   You can be assured that your project will be top priority as we focus solely on one project at a time which also gives us the ability to stick to time frames and budgets

•   Quality, personalised service continues beyond project completion

•   Our sub-contractors and suppliers are carefully selected.

Can you quote me a square metre rate for building costs?

Every job is unique. A square metre rate cannot be accurately quoted as there are many variables that contribute to the overall project cost such as level of finish, design and site conditions.

How long will my project take to build?

We allow enough time to get the project completed to a high standard. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that will extend the building time frame such as bad weather, delays in approvals, variations, products and materials being unavailable, labour shortages. Whatever happens, we will inform you of any delays. We prefer to take that extra time to make sure everything is right. There is no use in rushing the job at critical stages as this can lead to problems at a later stage. Remember, quality is our main focus.

Can I supply my own materials, sub-contractors and labour?

There is no benefit to you in supplying materials, sub-contractors and labour as this can often cause delays, communication problems, WH&S issues, contractual disputes and many headaches. The builders’ job is to organise all of this and save you the worry. All items supplied by the Builder will be covered by the Builder’s or the manufacturer’s warranty. Any items supplied by the owner are not covered and could prove costly in the future in the instance of any warranty claims.

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